News release notes and technical news

  • Zones follow alarms feature release
    The latest feature we developed, Zones follow Alarms, will be added to Condence on 11/04/23! As the name would suggest, now, just by adding alarm levels in Condence, you can have your colour-coded trend metric windows visible. There is no more necessity to publish Zone configurations separately. If you have two or more alarms overlapping, … Read more
  • Point of Interest feature release
    The Point of Interest feature was just released! With Points of Interest, you can insert manual notes to the Lifeline feature and share information more easily with other users with access to the same device level. This includes, for example: If you want to know more about Point of Interest, please contact
  • Frequently asked questions
    The frequently asked questions, FAQ, article has been released. It features some of the most asked questions we run in from time to time. This article is ongoing, and more questions are added as they come up. You can help expand this article by contacting us at Alternatively, you may use the comment field … Read more
  • Improved User Manager released, and Device Manager improvements
    The User Manager section in Condence has had improvements that hugely benefit the users. Some of the improvements in the User Manager include: Please take a look at the new User Manager and tell us how you feel about these upgrades! On the Device Manager, there have been a few general improvements to better the … Read more
  • An improved version of forecast released
    The forecast has been renewed and now offers more precise predictions and forecasting suggestions. Using the forecast tool remains the same as it did before, but the predictions given are more accurate. If you have questions related to this feature, please get in touch with
  • Forecast improvement
    The Forecast tool used in the Monitoring view has been improved. The Forecast now uses a longer time period and makes the calculations based on the already existing data, thus improving the predictions for the metrics. This improvement is expected to give more insight to the professionals to determine the correct timing for service. If … Read more
  • T200/T210 terminals to be delivered without PT100 support due to component shortage
    Due to the global component shortage we unfortunately need remove the support for the PT100(RTD) channel support from the T200 and T210 terminals until further notice. Based on the currently available information the required components are available again from May 2023 onwards. If you are a user of T200 or T210 and you absolutely need … Read more
  • Lifeline feature release
    Distence has released a powerful new feature, Lifeline. With the Lifeline feature, you are able to get visualised highlights on the events your device is likely to encounter. The Lifeline uses algorithms based on the condition of the device and usage of the device. When combining these together, we are able to make highly complex … Read more
  • Modbus configuration release
    Distence has released a Modbus configuration possibility to the Device Manager. You can make your Modbus configurations in the measurements section like any other measurement are done. It is possible to choose either RTU or TCP configurations. Additional instructions to be released at a later time to If you have additional questions, please contact … Read more
  • Health Index released
    Distence has released a Health Index feature for public usage. This feature is available to use right away. With the Health Index feature, we are providing you with more freedom on how to express the data shown on your monitoring view. For example, if you want to know if the bearing is beginning to wear … Read more